Dragon Ball Card Game: Masters - Beyond Generations Collector Booster Box

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Wydawca: Bandai
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A total of 36 cards in the lineup feature original illustrations!
The card frames are also exclusive designs made especially for these cards!
Saiyans and Androids both get their own exclusive designs as shown here! 

All cards included in these packs are foil cards or better!
2 Alt-Art cards with exclusive designs are also guaranteed to be included! 

33 of the exclusive Alt-Art card also have Holo versions!
The Holo versions are super-premium gold foil & silver foil designs!
Don’t miss out on these! Plus, the 3 SCR from B24 have Collector’s Booster exclusive Alt-Art designs!
See if you can find them! 

What’s more, 1 card type is DBSCG’s first unique hologram card.
Be sure to check out the full design for yourself!

Collector Booster Box Zenkai series EX Beyond Generations zawiera 12 paczek. Booster Pack Zenkai series EX Beyond Generations zawiera 12 kart.

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